The Georgia Drought

Don't Let Your Plants Watch The News!

The news media seem to delight in portraying the negative aspects of life. If plants, trees and grass could hear or watch the news they would probably decide that they would soon shrivel up and die and prefer to become tumbleweeds and cacti and move to the deserts out west.

Drought, Water Restrictions, No Rain - So What?

Our planet has existed through ice ages, droughts, floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes and plants, trees and grass have always managed to survive. Recently, many people in the Atlanta area have become concerned that with the current drought coupled with water restrictions it is futile to try to create a beautiful yard. Green Acres Landscaping not only disagrees but will warrant utilizing proper installation and maintenance procedures that plants will not only survive but grow and prosper. Once they are established the majority of plants and trees require minimal amounts of water to survive. New plantings especially during the first 30 – 60 days do have additional watering needs while they adapt and establish a viable root system. However, most plants and trees that die during the first year of installation do so because they are overwatered. Once established, all plant material must be conditioned to establish a strong root system that will sustain them during stressful periods caused by extreme weather conditions. Overwatering contributes to a shallow root system which does not allow absorption of water and nutrients during the hot and dry months. Ideal watering for grass is usually one inch every ten days and usually involves a ten-minute cycle on most irrigation zones.

Green Acres Landscaping plantings provide optimal plant survivability by incorporating the most advanced planting measures available. One of the most important aspects in newly planted plant material and trees are following proper planting procedures and adding soil amendments to the soil which is incorporated around the root structure. Included is a micro-nutrient which is mixed into the soil of each root ball that promotes an increase of about 700 percent root growth greatly enhancing the plants ability to absorb nutrients and water. Also, included is Terra-Sorb, which is a super-absorbent, potassium-based co-polymer gel that increases the water-holding capacity of soil. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases it back to the plants roots. Terra-Sorb will repeatedly absorb and hold water for several years, until it biodegrades naturally.

Plants Are More Adaptable Than People

The average rainfall in the US is 30 inches per year. In 2007 Georgia had 32 inches compared to Las Vegas which averages 4 inches per year. In Georgia, the media has led us to believe that no new plantings or grass should be installed during this “drought-stricken “year, but other areas cope every year with less rainfall. Preventative measures can be taken to insure survivability and frequently just suspending planting during the hot, dry months of summer gives new plantings all the opportunity they need to prosper.

Water Conservation

As our Atlanta population grows and creates a demand for more water, we can all help by conserving the water used to supplement what nature provides. In addition, proper planting practices and proper sprinkler orientation, setting and timing along with mulching and other appropriate maintenance procedures will not only conserve water but result in a healthier landscape.

Learn more about our Tree and Plant Chemicals that provide plants with more water, even during drought.

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