Tree and Plant Chemicals (Terra-Sorb & Nature's Helper)

Helping Plants Hold More Water During Dry Periods and Drought

Green Acres now uses a tree and plant saver chemical, a micro-nutrient that, when mixed into the soil of each root ball, promotes an increase of about 700% in root growth. This growth greatly enhances the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water.

We also include Terra-Sorb, a super absorbent, potassium-based co-polymer gel that increases the water-holding capacity of soil. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases it back to the plant's roots. Terra-Sorb will repeatedly absorb and hold water for several years until it biodegrades naturally.

In addition to Terra-Sorb, Green Acres Landscaping, Inc. also incorporates Nature's Helper when installing plant material. Nature's Helper is a premier soil amendment used to loosen and aerate the soil, promoting the establishment of deep roots. This greatly enhances the plant's vitality.

By installing Terra-Sorb and Nature's Helper, Green Acres Landscaping is virtually insuring the survivability of plant material during the hot and dry months - even drought.

With these chemicals and our careful, plant installation techniques, our jobs will require about 70 - 80% less watering during hot and dry months.

We have had great success in the Atlanta area during the current drought conditions, and also in the Charlotte area, where the drought has gone on for about 2 years.

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